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Cycling / Bike Helmets
No Helmet. No Brain: Always wear a helmet when cycling.

Cycling is an important form of exercise, transportation and recreation for children in New Zealand, and for many children, learning to ride a bicycle is an important part of their play and development. 

However, cycling related injuries are one of the top ten causes of unintentional injury related deaths for children in New Zealand. 

Child Cycling Injuries in NZ


children were hospitalised for cycling-related injuries every year


children die from cycle-related injury every year


In a crash, bicycle helmets reduces the risk of severe brain injury by as much as 74%

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Learn the 2-4-1 rule on how to wear a helmet correctly 

  • 2: The helmet should be no more than two fingers above your eyebrow.

  • 4: Adjust the straps under your ears. They should form two ‘Vs’.

  • 1: No more than one finger should fit over the chin strap.

Be Smart, Be Safe, Be Seen

  • Be Smart – plan safe cycle routes with an adult, the best riders are skilled riders.

  • Be Safe – no helmet no bike.

  • Be Seen – wear bright colours and use reflective gear.

For Drivers

  • Slow Down and look out for kids.

Creative Quest is a school-based competition that invites students to get really creative with a great safety message – and be in to win some awesome prizes for the school or themselves.

The theme is ‘No Helmet. No Brain!’ so kids need to show us why they should wear a helmet when they’re riding a bike, a scooter, skateboarding or rollerblading using a:

  • Poster
  • Radio Ad
  • Video

The 2013 competition has now finished. View winners and entries across the country here.

Watch out for the next Creative Quest!