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Child cycling injury prevention [Position paper, 2012]

Child cycling injury prevention position paper

This A4 size 25 page position paper for injury prevention practitioners and policymakers looks at evidence from New Zealand and international research. Bicycles are an important source of exercise, transportation and recreation for children in New Zealand, and for many children, learning to ride a bicycle is an important part of their play and development. There are significant benefits for children and their communities associated with cycling, including health benefits such as higher daily levels of physical activity, and better cardiovascular fitness; improved liveability of communities and improved community accessibility and cohesion. However, cycling related injuries are one of the top ten causes of unintentional injury related deaths for children in New Zealand. This position paper includes information on the following interventions: 1. Bicycle helmets 2. Bicycle skills training 3. Enhancing the safer use of bicycles as part of children’s active travel 4. Increasing the visib