Injury Prevention Services to Orgamisations, Info Packs, Families


Our Services

As the recognised experts in unintentional child injury prevention, Safekids Aotearoa provides valuable information, services and advice to government agencies, territorial authorities, Well Child providers, health professionals, private industry, media, educators and families. 

We provide:

  • Advocacy
    Safekids Aotearoa produces fact sheets, position papers and presentations to help inform and guide decision makers, media, community organisations and individuals who seek to improve polices and practices that will contribute to reducing the incidence of unintentional injury to children.

  • Safekids Programmes
    Safekids Aotearoa aims to strengthen partners, coalitions, communities, families, Whanau and like-minded individuals in working together towards addressing leading and emerging injury issues. Click here to learn about our programmes.  

  • Information
    An integral part of Safekids Aotearoa’s strategy for child injury prevention is to provide a solid base of information about unintentional child injury and how it can be prevented. Safekids aims to promote and assist child injury prevention work throughout New Zealand. 

  • For parents and caregivers, we also offer a range of safety resources on preventing unintentional child injuries. Click here to order resources.