Some of the successes


This campaign in 2015 resulted in driveway injury rates showing the lowest in the last 10 years.  Annual hospitalisations were down by 50% and no deaths.

Battery Controlled Partnership 

Safekids Aotearoa in 2013 partnered with Energizer, NZ Post, Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood New Zealand, Trading Standards, Starship Children’s Health, National Poisons Centre, Ministry of Health, NZ Retailers Association and Victoria University School of Design (Wellington) to bring more awareness about the risk of children swallowing powerful coin-sized lithium batteries with parents, caregivers, manufacturers, retailers and the medical community.

  • 2014 – Distributed an information pack to every G.P, Hospital Emergency Department and Family Health clinic.
  • 2015 – Distributed information packs to every MOE contracted Early Childhood Centre and every Early Childhood Council member centre

Child Restraint Law Change

Thanks to strong sector-wide support for Safekids Aotearoa’s submission on the inclusion of booster seats in the Government’s road safety strategy to 2020, Safer Journeys, the Ministry of Transport announced that it had included booster seats in the Safer Journeys Action Plan 2011. New regulation came into effect 2013.

Safekids Aotearoa and Housing NZ Driveway Fencing Project 

Housing New Zealand and Safekids partnered in 2013 to improve awareness of how to reduce the risk of driveway safety run overs in HSNZ properties.  HSNZ invested 30 million dollars to fence a safe play area away from the driveway in 14,000 properties who had children under 5 yrs living in them. 


Auckland Council – 21 Local Boards Child Injury Profiles

In partnership with Auckland Council, Safekids Aotearoa in 2014 created infographics to illustrate unintentional child injury statistics for the Auckland Region city and the 21 Local Boards.

District Health Board  Unintentional Child Injury Statistics Infographics

Safekids Aotearoa in 2014 created infographics of intentional and unintentional child injury statistics for each of the 20 DHB areas. These infographics can be used by DHBs to work with injury prevention stakeholders across their region and the country, delivering evidence based interventions.

“Child Unintentional Injuries in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Prevention Strategies” published 2009

This report outlines New Zealand child injury data and effective or promising injury prevention strategies.

  • 2015 updated 

Other Achievements

  • Safekids Aotearoa accredited as a training site for NZ College of Public Health Medicine 2012 – 2015.
  • Removal of caustic dishwashing powder from supermarket shelves in 2007. There have been no serious caustic detergent ingestion injury admissions since then.
  • Participated in the development of the New Zealand Injury Prevention Strategy, the National Falls Strategy, and the National Drowning Prevention Strategy (2005).
  • The inclusion of safer hot water requirements in the Building Code, and guidelines for vehicle access in the Safer House Design Standard (2001).
  • Initiated the first ever ‘Walking School Bus’ in New Zealand (2000 - Gladstone School, Mt Albert).
    Participated in the development of the first New Zealand Standard for fences and safety barriers around home swimming pools (1999).


NZ Direct Marketing Awards 2017 Check For Me Before You Turn The Key driveway safety campaign: 

  • Industry Gold, for Not-for-Profit
  • Craft Gold, for Excellence in Strategy
  • Channel Silver, for Direct Response (any media)

CAANZ Effie Awards 2016 Check For Me Before You Turn The Key driveway safety campaign: 

  • SILVER for most effective PR/experiential campaign; 
  • BRONZE for social media and public service;
  • BRONZE for best strategic thinking.

International Safety Media Awards: 

  • 2016
    - BRONZE for Short Video - Check For Me Before You Turn The Key
    - Excellence in Evaluation  
  • 2012
    - GOLD for evaluation, Booster Seat/ Child Passenger Safety Campaign; 
    - GOLD for Print, Booster Rooster 148cm Height Chart; 
    - GOLD for Audio, Driveway run over prevention radio advertisements; 
    - SILVER for New Media, website; 
    - Honourable mention for Ultra-Short Video, Driveway Run Over: It only takes a minute video.  

NZ Marketing Awards: 

  • 2016 - FINALIST for Check For Me before You Turn The Key; 
  • 2011 -FINALIST for It’s safer to wait till your 148cm Child Passenger Safety campaign; 
  • 2010 - FINALIST for Child Driveway Awareness campaign.

Health Excellence Awards Auckland District Health Board: 

  • 2016 FINALIST for Check For Me Before You Turn The Key Driveway Safety Campaign; 
  • 2014 FINALIST for Creative Quest cycling safety campaign.


  • EXCELLENCE in Communications at the Battery Controlled Partnership.

Australasian Injury Prevention Conference 

  • 2015 - Best Practitioner Abstracts:
    - Safekids and Housing NZ - Driveway Runover Campaign
    - It’s safer to wait till your 148cm - Child Passenger Safety 


  • 2011 Road Safety Leadership Award - Booster seat campaign. 

New Zealand Community & Safety Injury Prevention Award

  • 2007 for removing caustic dishwashing powder from sale in New Zealand – Winner Category 3.

Safety NZ Wellington New Zealand

  • 2005 - Community Safety & Injury Prevention Award.