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#FallsRuinTheFun, so keep an eye on your kids to help them play safe.

Kids don't bounce-- While childhood fall related injuries are often viewed as ‘part’ of growing up, some falls can cause serious injury with great social and financial costs to children, their families and the government. In some cases falls are fatal.

Child Falls Injuries in NZ


children are hospitalised EVERY DAY.


Falls related injury are the number one cause of hospitalisation.


ACC claims costs from child falls amount to $45 million per year on average.

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For playgrounds and parks

  • Check that the playground is age appropriate for your child.
  • Check for hazards (i.e. broken glass, rusted or broken equipment and inadequate soft surfacing). Report hazards to your local council.
  • Pushing, shoving or crowding while on playground equipment can be dangerous.No necklaces, purses, scarves or clothing with drawstrings that can be a strangulation hazard.

For trampolines

  • One person at a time.
  • Always use safety padding on the frame and springs.
  • Always check that the trampoline is in good condition.
  • Always supervise children.
  • Make sure nothing is on, under or near the trampoline when it is in use. 
  • Children must climb on and off, rather than jumping on or off.

At home and at play

  • Use stair and door gates/ guards.
  • Use safety latches on windows kids can reach.
  • Use helmets and other safety gear with wheeled toys like skateboards and skates.
  • Babies don't need baby walkers.
  • Top bunk beds are for kids over nine years old.
  • Keep other furniture away from bunk beds.

We often see 'selfies' of children wearing casts because it symbolises a badge of honour for surviving a serious injury. 

However casts also represent the social cost:

  • a serious fall injury-disability
  • dependence on others
  • lost time from work by parents
  • children missing school and sports
  • reduced quality of life.

Safekids Aotearoa made 17 replica casts to promote the #FallsRuinTheFun programme. These are sent to celebrities, athletes or influential people in communities to sign, wear and take a photo with.

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If you know of a celebrity who can help us promote #FallsRuinTheFun, please get in touch with us.