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Cutting & Piercing
Be Sharp: prevent cutting and piercing injuries in and around the home.

Cutting and piercing injuries are a common cause of injury for children and despite being painful, such injuries are usually simply treated.

Every now and then cutting and piercing injuries can result in life threatening emergencies and can result in life-long physical and mental scars.

Cutting & Piercing Injuries in NZ


children are hospitalised every year from a serious cut or puncture injury.


This injury is the 2nd leading cause of hospitalisations for 5-9 year olds.


per year is the total ACC payments to families for treatment of this injury.

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  • Use safety glass in furniture, windows and doors.
  • Spot and remove sharp and pointed objects at home and in play areas.
  • Ride on mowers are dangerous and NOT ride on toys.


School Project Plan

  • The Sir Peter Blake 'Care for Our Coast' community clean-up kit.

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