Media Release: Driveway safety reminders for autumn and winter

Safekids Aotearoa reminds parents of toddlers to always be vigilant around driveways.

According to Safekids, while child driveway runovers are more frequent in summer, they can also happen in autumn and winter.

Below are five tips to make your home a safety zone and reduce the risk of children being run over in home driveways.

- Use safety gates. Don't make it easy for toddlers to sneak out unnoticed. Install safety gates in exits and always keep them closed. 

- Meal times are driveway danger times. Most run overs happen around morning tea or dinner when parents are preparing meals, arriving or leaving the house. Ensure a responsible adult is supervising toddlers.

- Have a fenced play area. Toddlers are fast—one minute they’re here, and the next minute they’re gone. A fenced play area can help you supervise children.

- Always check, even if you don’t have kids. In 51% of driveway run over cases in New Zealand, the driver involved was a neighbour, visitor or a relative.  

- Walk around the car. Mirrors and cameras are useful parking tools but are not foolproof when it comes to driveway runovers. Always walk around the car before turning on the ignition key. 

For more safety tips, visit our home safety page

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