Highlights for the last six months of 2016

Highlights for the last six months of 2016

In the last 6 months, Safekids Aotearoa has: 

1. Launched our travelling, interactive exhibition – the Safekids Safety Whare. This new resource will help raise awareness about the leading cause of injury to tamariki - especially those under 5 yrs - injuries that happen in their homes. The Whare will be travelling to 10 regions in 2017.

2. Produced 2 videos for Facebook on how to prevent TV Tip Overs.

3. Attended 21 sector meetings to support and facilitate community action around injury prevention.

4. Submitted 17 submissions to advocate for child injury prevention policy and practices. These included: 

  - the Building (Pools) Amendment Act

  - EPA notices for Hazardous Property controls

  - EPA Hazardous Substance Disposal

  - Transport and Industrial Relations Committee

  - NZTA ViaStrada e-bikes survey

  - Safety of Toys – Australian/NZ Standard development

  - Wellington City Council Play Spaces 

  - Consumer Product Safety.

5. Safekids collaborated with 27 organisations and industries to provide evidence to inform policy development on child and product safety.

6. Communication and information

  - 24 issues of SafetyLit child injury references

  - 3 issues of Information Update

  - 46 Facebook posts

  - 206 Tweets (683 followers) 

  - 5 Coalition Updates

  - 15,835 sessions on our website

  - distributed over 54815 resources

  - 2 Safekids News published

  - 347 items added to our library

  - 5 media releases  

  - 200 media mentions

  - 41 media pickups

  - finalist in ADHB Health Excellence Award 

  - award winners in TVNZ Marketing Awards; Effie Awards; ISMA World Safety Conference Holy Grail Award for Evaluation.

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