The spring and summer months are traditionally the deadliest time for driveway run overs. But the good news is that there has been no reported driveway run over deaths in 2015.  Help us keep 2016 that way.

Safekids Aotearoa, ACC, Starship Foundation, Evan Christian, Housing NZ, Auckland Council and NZ Post have joined up to bring you 5 tips that can reduce the risk of a child being run over in your home driveway.

  • Use safety gates. The warm weather means doors are often left open, making it easier for children to sneak out unnoticed. Consider using safety gates if you have toddlers and doors that lead to a driveway.
  • Be vigilant around meal times. Most run overs happen late in the mornings and early evenings when parents are busy preparing meals, arriving home or leaving the property. Ensure a responsible person is assigned to watch over young ones during these times.
  • Have a fenced play area. Toddlers are more at risk of being involved in a driveway run over because they move much faster than we think. Having a play area separated from a driveway in addition to supervision can help.
  • Slow down and always check. Even if you don’t have children, be careful around driveways-- It’s summer and children are out and about.
  • Don’t rely on cameras and mirrors. Mirrors and cameras are useful tools for parking, but do not give you a 360 degree view from the driver’s seat. Don’t rely on tools—walk around the car and make sure children are supervised by a responsible adult.

Finally, order a free Check For Me Before You Turn the Key keyring from as a reminder about keeping children safe this summer.


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