NO helmet, no bike! This is the safety message Safekids New Zealand wants schools, parents and caregivers to tell their bicycle-riding children as they return to
school this month. 

“Cycling is a healthy activity and is the first mode of transport for many Kiwi children,” said Ann Weaver, Director of Safekids New Zealand. “However, schools and parents must take action by ensuring safety comes first when their children hop on their bikes,” Ms Weaver said. 

According to Safekids, approximately 487 children are hospitalised and 2 children die from cycling-related injuries in New Zealand each year. International research also shows that approximately two-thirds of hospital admissions among child cyclists are for head injuries, and three quarters of deaths among injured child cyclists are also from head injuries. 

This is why wearing safety helmets when cycling, scooting, skating or skateboarding is very important. “Aside from being a law, wearing helmets when cycling reduces the likelihood of severe brain injury by 74%.”

“The evidence is clear, wearing helmets saves lives,” Ms Weaver said. 

Safety helmet competition launched
As part of a campaign to get students to wear helmets, Safekids has launched ‘Creative Quest’– a nationwide school competition offering schools the chance to win prizes ($20,000 total prize pool value), and equally important, get important safety messages through to students, families and the community. 

Creative Quest challenges students to communicate the theme ‘No Helmet, No Brain’ through three fun activities: 

  • Create an illustrated story - for Years 1 to 3
  • Make a video – for Years 4 to 9
  • Make a radio commercial – for Years 4 to 9

“Winning illustrated stories may be turned into posters or books. Videos and radio ads can be played on TV, online or at radio stations. Classes and students will be credited whenever the material appears,” Miss Weaver said. 

Registration is now open. Schools can register for the challenges at


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