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How to run a child car restraint checking clinic : a guide for professionals and volunteers [Booklet, 2011]

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This is a guide for both professionals and volunteers. Includes sections on: ‘Introduction’, ‘Why a checking clinic?’, ‘What are checking clinics and police check points?’ ‘Planning a checking clinic’, ‘Planning checklist’, ‘Where and when?’, ‘Equipment checklist’, ‘Advertising and promotion’, ‘Poster & Flyer templates’, ‘Invitation letter template / media release template’, ‘Traffic management site diagrams’, ‘Safety first’, ‘Recording and reporting’, ‘Checking clinic recording form’, ‘Evaluation’ and ‘Further information’. This items states that it "... has information and tips to help you to run a child car restraint checking clinic and/ or take part in a police check point. It does not provide expert advice on child car restraint use.

Child car restraints (seats) provide the best possible protection for a child if they are involved in a car crash. There are many makes and models of car seats so expert advice is vital. Hosting a checking clinic and/or a police checkpoint is the best way to provide families and whanau with advice about child car restraints and how to use them correctly.” The second PDF is the 'Child restraint checking clinic recording form' which is to be used in conjunction with the 'guide' to record the results of the checking clinic. 

How to run a child car restraint checking clinic Download.pdf

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