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Pedestrian safety education kit [Flipchart, 2006]

Pacific pedestrian safety education kit [2006]

A4, 20p. This kit was produced in conjunction with Johnson and Johnson, and Land Transport NZ. This teaching kit is aimed at Pacific/ Pasifika early childhood education centres (ECCs). It was developed in relation to the Te Whaariki, the Early Childhood Curriculum. It includes a large format 'flip-chart' which features colour photos of Pasifika family members participating in activities like safe use of pedestrian crossings. The flip-chart includes teaching notes for the teacher to refer to and to aid them as they lead class discussion of the situations in the photos: pedestrian safety, 'sneaky' or hidden driveways, areas that are safe to play (avoiding driveways, for instance), use of child restraints, bike helmet use, safety in parking lots.

The kit also includes: a letter of introduction, a 'Pedestrian safety education kit teacher's guide', Safekids factsheets and driveway runover prevention resources. These kits are for loan only and only available in Auckland.

Download PDF.

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