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Safekids Aotearoa Information Service operates a library of information on unintentional child injury issues, child injury prevention strategies, programmes, research and initiatives for researchers, community injury prevention workers, health professionals, educators and more. The Information Service holds a collection of 10,000 items, focusing on New Zealand material and including research from around the world.

How to search 

You can search using the Online Information Search page.

The search interface is not case sensitive, so you can enter your keywords in lower case.

Wildcard search

This defaults to an “and” search which means you can search multiple keywords, all of which must be somewhere in the record. For example:

  • Falls Zealand
  • Driveway run overs
  • Injury prevention Manukau
  • Pedestrians school


Enter the exact title or part of the title. For example:

  • Marketing public health
  • Well child
  • Whanau ora
  • 8124 (ie, the number of an Australian/New Zealand standard) 

The search will automatically do a truncated search, so for example, searching ‘tramp’ will include trampoline in singular and plural and minitrampolines.

Author search

Enter the surname of the author you are looking for. For example:

  • Shepherd

For common names, add the first letter of the first name. For example:

  • Smith, R

There is automatic truncation, so R will pick up, for example, both “Rosemary” and “Roger”.
You might not see the author’s name in the first results that display. Click on the titles you are interested in and you’ll see the names in the full records.

Corporate Body

Enter the exact name or part of the name of the corporate body. For example:

  • Child and Youth (for Child and Youth Mortality Committee)
  • Land Transport Safety (for Land Transport Safety Authority)
  • Plunket
  • Standards New Zealand

Keyword search

Enter a keyword or phrase. These keywords must be in the keyword field of the record (which is an uncontrolled vocabulary). You’ll see the keywords when you look at the full records.

  • Maori
  • Pacific
  • Journey to school
  • Helmets
  • Child restraints
  • Annual report

This box is a good one to use if you have seen some records with keywords that you are interested in. You can search those specific keywords to broaden your search.

Use the Wildcard Search box for broader keyword search options.


You can use the date to narrow your search to specific years of publication, but only to one year at a time. For example, you could search for:

  •  Keyword: driveway and Date: 2014

Combining search boxes

It’s a good idea not to fill in too many boxes when you search. The default operator is AND between boxes, so your records will need to fulfill both conditions (so you’ll be narrowing your search). 

Here are examples of strategies you can use. 

To find new Safekids publications issued in 2014, search:

  • Corporate body: Safekids and Date: 2014 

To find Safekids Annual reports, search:

  • Corporate body: Safekids and Title: Annual report

To find articles and reports published in 2013 by an author with a surname Shepherd, search:

Author:  Shepherd and Date: 2013

To find articles and reports etc published in 2014 about burns related injury, search:

  • Keyword: thermal injuries and Date: 2014

Miscellaneous searches

You can use the Wildcard Search box to search for specific record numbers, ISBNs, ISSNs, Series and Source journals.  

Sorting results

You can sort results by title and date using the boxes at the top of the page. The options are ascending or descending. For title, that means A-Z or the reverse. For the Date, “ascending” means chronological (oldest first) and “descending” means reverse chronological (most recent first).

Can’t find what you are looking for?

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or the search interface doesn’t accommodate the strategy you’d like to use, please contact the Information Specialist who has other ways of searching the catalogue.

Phone:  (09) 631 0724 (DDI)

Requesting items

You can request specific items through the full record in the catalogue, or if there are several items, cut and paste your references into an email. We lend for periods of 4 weeks. There is no charge for postage to you (but we expect you to cover the cost of returning items). This service is only available in New Zealand.

We have given links to online content where available. Due to copyright, we are unable to provide access to most journal articles. You can request these through your local library.


Helena Westwick, Information Specialist.
Phone: +64 9 631 0724

Safekids Aotearoa Information Service is on Level 5, 40 Claude Rd, Epsom, Auckland and open Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm. 

Updated: 14 April 2014