The Southern Field Days held in Waimumu Gorge over three days in February, provided the perfect opportunity to share child injury prevention messages with a crowd of over 40,000. Road Safety Southland, Kindergartens South and Plunket partnered to bring the Bright Sparks Play Park to the Field days. Over 3 days, the team spent time with an estimated 2,800 people. safekids news | April 2018 ISSUE No 79 7 INJURY PREVENTION AT SOUTHERN FIELD DAYS CAMP AWHI 2018 NATIONAL CAMP FOR SURVIVORS OF CHILDHOOD BURNS Alongside a feed and change area, they hosted an outdoor play area which featured Road Safety themed pathways for children to practice their riding and pedestrian skills. They also had a home safety exhibit with our very own kitchen display along with a hazardous hand bag and button battery demonstration. Child Restraint Technicians were on hand at the Child Restraint Ages and Stages display as well as expert NZTA staff at the 5-star car display advising on tyre safety. Glo Bro, the road safey mascot and Plunket’s Blue Bear lead story time and were well loved by young visitors to the site. So many of visitors were able to describe new safety information they had picked up during their time at the site. The collective location of a number of organisations involved with Safe in the South Communities group created the perfect opportunity for working togher, strengthening networks and building on each other’s messages. The Otago and Southland road safety campaign - #AnyNumberIsTooMany was promoted at a number of these sites. The “Give us a Whistle” campaign which encourages people to ask for help when necessary, was also very visible. This January, The Burns Support Group hosted 22 kids at their Children’s Burn Camp in Taupo. Over five days these tamariki played hard, tested their limits and learned skills and strategies to take back to their daily lives. In this amazing environment campers built confidence, self-esteem and strong and positive outlooks for their futures. Camp Awhi is free for participants, relying on the generous contributions of the Burn Support Group. It also relies on the scores of volunteers who take a break from their day jobs as health professionals, parents and all-round nice people, to provide supervision, support and whatever else is required. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT MICHELE ON: 09 2700640 or visit