Q: My two nephews are coming to visit from overseas, so I think I need to get booster seats for them while they're here. One is seven years old, 122 cm tall, and 24kg. One is five years old, 115 cm tall, and 20kg. I know nothing about car seats but I think they will both definitely need a booster seat, is that right? A: The older one will need a booster seat. The full boosters, the ones with a back, offer better protection. The younger child would also be safe in a forward facing child restraint that is appropriate for his age. There are car seats with harnesses for up to 36 kg and children are safer in them. Safekids recommends that children stay in child restraints/boosters until they are 148cm tall. There are lots of child restraint models available, if you are purchasing or renting, talk to the suppliers and check the manufacturers’ manual – they will tell you what age/height/weight the car seat or booster is appropriate for. It’s also helpful to know what sort of seat belt system your car has before purchasing or hiring. In newer cars, there are two main types – ALR - automatic locking retractor – (these can be pulled to lock) and ELR – emergency locking retractor (locks only in during a sudden crash or stop). Some restraints will not work with some seat belt systems. Some retailers will install the seats correctly for you too. Some Plunket offices also offer installation services, although they don’t rent car seats any more. RECENT Q & A’s THERE’S ALSO A LIST OF CHILD RESTRAINT TECHNICIANS HERE: http://www.nzta.govt.nz/safety/vehicle- safety/safety-belts-and-restraints/child-r estraints/find-a-child-restraint-technician/ AND THERE’S FURTHER INFORMATION ON THESE PAGES: NZTA website https://www.nzta.govt.nz/safety/vehicle -safety/safety-belts-and-restraints/child -restraints/using-child-restraints-in-new -zealand/ Safekids / Car seats page http://www.safekids.nz/Safety-Topics/D etails/Type/View/ID/1/Car-Seats safekids news | April 2018 ISSUE No 79 13 Seven Year Old’s at Three Kings School