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Keep Kids Off Quad Bikes

Farms are unique environments where families work, live and play. Because of this, it raises unique challenges that other families or business operators don’t have to consider.

Quad bike injuries is one of the main injury issues faced by rural kids. 

Quad bikes of all sizes are powerful and heavy machines with a high centre of gravity. Children do not have the body size, weight, perception and co-ordination skills to actively ride these large machines.

Child Quad Bike Injuries in NZ


children are killed or hospitalised with serious injuries every year.


In more than half of quad bike injury cases, a child was the driver.


Manufacturer recommendations prohibit the use of adult size quad bikes for under 16 year olds.

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  • Keep kids under 16 off quad bikes of ANY size.
  • Quad bikes are machines - not toys.
  • Children aren't heavy or big enough to control them
  • Children do not have the skills or knowledge to operate them.

Below are recommendations to safeguard the transport of rural children:

  • That legislation be developed to prohibit children under the age of 16 years from operating an adult sized quad bike (engine capacity > 90cc).
  • That children are prohibited from being passengers on all quad bikes which have been designed for one person only.
  • That there must be greater emphasis on alternative rural transportation as a solution.
  • The phasing out of the existing vehicles to the next generation of vehicle with greater safety features.
  • Further evidence of the effectiveness of quad bike safety training and ongoing education. 

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